This Style of Video Can Literally Double Your Sales [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep.21]

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Every day, your average salesperson meets with prospect after prospect. From one meeting to the next, they’re getting asked many of the same questions time and time again. 

What is your return policy?

Who runs the inspection?

How do I know when my application has been filed?

What types of payment do you accept?

And so on and so forth.

It’s time to give salespeople the not-so-secret weapon they’ve been hoping for: The 80% video.

In simple terms, the 80% video serves as a pre-emptive answer to the majority of the repetitive questions your salespeople hear every day. When a prospect gets an 80% video ahead of a meeting, says Lindsey Auten, they’re going to go into the meeting with all of those surface-level questions already out of the way.

As a result, the meeting can be tailored to that buyer’s particular needs — not general overview-type information. 

According to Lindsey, you can make a compelling 80% video with very basic equipment like a webcam and microphone. You want production quality to be high enough that it doesn’t distract the viewer, but these videos are about education, not a cinematic experience.

The effect of a well-deployed 80% video can be staggering. For example, Lindsey mentions Florida-based RoofCrafters, who made these videos a core part of their sales process. As a result, they more than doubled their close rates

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Lindsey Auten is a content and video trainer at IMPACT with a background in broadcast journalism. 

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