Recruiting Tip: Treat Your Candidates Like Customers [Endless Customers Podcast S.1 Ep.18]

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Imagine if we applied the same principles we use in our marketing to our process for recruiting new employees.

As we teach our clients at IMPACT, marketing is about education. Your potential customers have questions. If you can answer them openly and honestly, you’ll build trust and shorten the sales cycle.

Now, think of your applicants the same way. Just as your customers are trying to gather information so they can make the right purchase, your candidates are gathering information so they can land the right job.

In a famous study done in 2018, Jobvite found that a third of all new employees quit within 90 days of starting their new job. 

This is a huge problem that costs businesses billions of dollars each year. The solution, it seems, is transparency.

Business coach Allison Riggs says that we should put more effort into educating applicants so they know what they’re getting into. “What education do these candidates need at every stage in order to determine whether or not this is the right fit for them,” she asks.

Instead, she says, “Companies are not leading with transparency and trust in their recruiting process.” They paint too rosy a picture, glossing over details that might prove distasteful. In turn, new employees might feel blindsided by information they wish they’d known sooner. This can lead to turnover and resentment — and can damage company culture.

Allison argues that we should be way more transparent about salary, benefits, responsibilities, and what the day-to-day looks like for a given role. This is a better way, resulting in better-fit prospects and better outcomes. 

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As a head coach at IMPACT, Allison Riggs helps businesses improve the way they market, sell, and hire. 

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