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In a world where authenticity, transparency, and efficiency are not just valued but expected, direct communication between brands and their customers is the heartbeat of modern-day business. Through direct engagement, your brand can quickly answer queries, tailor communications, and create personalized experiences that genuinely resonate with your audience. In parallel, when your customers feel heard, their satisfaction and loyalty increase, only fueling business growth.

That is why we’re excited to share we’ve joined forces with LinkedIn to provide mutual Oktopost and LinkedIn customers the ability to channel messages directly from their LinkedIn Company Page into Oktopost’s unified Inbox. In a significant move to strengthen how B2B businesses manage social media interactions between their brand and their audience, this collaboration not only simplifies social media management by bringing conversations into one place for a more streamlined workflow but also enhances the speed and impact of customer interactions with your brand.

What is Messaging for Pages

Introduced by LinkedIn in March 2024, Messaging for LinkedIn Pages allows LinkedIn members to start conversations with companies via direct message. It adds a message button to your Company page and an inbox to the admin center, so page admins and super admins can view and respond to members directly.

Now if you’re an Oktopost and LinkedIn customer, we will automatically bring all conversations from your LinkedIn Company Inbox into your Oktopost Inbox so you can access and manage all of your social media interactions across channels from one place.

How it works

B2B organizations, whose primary channel is LinkedIn, need easy ways to communicate with their community in the same place where they manage all of their social media activities and interactions to scale their customer care efforts.

Our Inbox now supports managing LinkedIn private messages so that your company pages can respond to inquiries on LinkedIn directly from the Oktopost Inbox. You can assign the conversations to relevant team members in your organization and engage with the personal profiles that sent you messages without leaving Oktopost. This facilitates easy collaboration between teams enabling you to manage social media conversations at scale, and provides your customers a seamless customer experience.

In addition to routing all social interactions from the LinkedIn Company page to your Oktopost Inbox, companies are also able to report on all response management efforts to make sure they are meeting and exceeding their goals. Every response that comes into Oktopost is not only able to be routed to the right person, but it then becomes available for reporting in Social BI using the Inbox data source.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you already have a process in place to handle conversations coming from social media or are just getting started, using the Oktopost Inbox to manage social interactions can have a huge impact on building meaningful relationships with your community.

Besides the obvious benefits of centralizing messages from various social networks into one place to save time, streamline communication, and enable your team to manage conversations at scale, there are more advantages to having Messaging for Pages funneled directly into your Oktopost Inbox.

Jump straight to your team to read all about the perks of direct communication with your audience.


Hey, revenue teams, one of the best ways to engage with potential leads is on LinkedIn. In fact, over 78% of social sellers who utilize LinkedIn to engage with prospects outperform their peers who aren’t social selling. LinkedIn’s professional environment makes it an ideal platform for building authentic relationships and engaging with potential customers.

According to Hubspot, 45% of sellers say the ability to build a community and actively engage with them is the most important feature a social media platform should have when it comes to social selling. Messaging for LinkedIn Pages funneled directly into the Oktopost Inbox is a great way to build that relationship with your prospects and ensure every social media interaction has an outcome.

Each conversation coming from LinkedIn can be funneled to Oktopost and directly shared with your team to quickly answer, ensuring no lead is left unattended. The longer a lead is left unattended, the colder it gets. With time being an important part of any sales cycle, quick follow-ups on social media interactions ensure that the interest level of your lead remains high, and even increased, making them more likely to convert. As customers expect quick responses and solutions, the Oktopost Inbox lets your team promptly address queries and concerns keeping the engagement lively and relevant.


As a marketer, you already understand the many benefits of social media, arguably more than anyone in your organization. Still, utilizing Oktopost’s Inbox can take your skills up a level when it comes to gaining real-time feedback and insights as well as increasing engagements.

The Oktopost Inbox provides a direct line of valuable feedback and insights from your social media community, specifically your LinkedIn community by bringing all of your messages from LinkedIn into one place. This real-time data can inform and refine marketing strategies and help your team adjust their campaigns on the fly for optimal engagement.

“The ability to manage all our social media interactions in one place will fundamentally change the way we operate, making our communication more consistent and impactful. For any business looking to elevate their social media strategy, leveraging a unified inbox is a game-changer.”


– Chris Sheen, Director of Social at Celonis

Additionally, with direct messages from LinkedIn now coming directly to your Inbox, you’ll be able to tailor content for a more personalized experience and enhance your brand reputation through timely responses, building trust and loyalty with your community.

Talent Acquisition

For the forward-thinking recruiter, the Oktopost Inbox isn’t just a tool– it’s an instrument for you to orchestrate the perfect blend between technology and human connection when it comes to attracting talent that’s not just qualified, but genuinely connected to your mission.

Social media has become the new gold standard of professionalism, as well as the stage where your employer brand can perform. It’s where brands can authentically communicate who we are, what we stand for, and why the best and brightest talents would thrive in our culture. By engaging with interactions from social media, specifically LinkedIn, you are able to enhance your employer brand and improve candidate engagement by creating a more dynamic and interactive recruitment experience.

Additionally, HR departments can also use the Oktopost Inbox as a direct line of communication between candidates and recruiters to provide an opportunity to collect feedback to inform better and more improved HR practices and strategies based on real-time conversations. With talent acquisition no longer just about sifting through resumes, actively engaging with potential candidates where they are allows us not just to find the right candidates, but also to understand them.


Social media has become a prime communication channel for people and businesses alike. Many B2B organizations are leveraging social to deliver faster and more responsive customer support.

Oktopost’s unified Social Inbox brings every mention, comment, and direct message from all your social media profiles into one place, where your support team can easily manage, reply, and even assign social queries to the right members of your team. With the new integration of messaging for LinkedIn Pages directly routed to the Inbox, this means faster and more efficient resolution for customer issues. It also means support teams can track and address inquiries more effectively as all interactions are brought into one place and reflected in Oktopost’s customer care analytics. Because today, the quality of your customer service is as visible and as important as the quality of your products and services, this streamlined process ensures that every customer query is met with a timely and accurate response, demonstrating your brand’s commitment to exceptional customer service and care.


There is no doubt that managing all your social conversations in one unified Inbox, and being able to report on those social interactions, offers many benefits. Oktopost’s integration to messaging for LinkedIn Pages is a testament to our commitment to B2B brands to drive successful business outcomes on social media. The integration makes it easy to manage social media interactions, ensuring that direct message conversations coming from LinkedIn are directed to the right person within your organization for a timely and appropriate response. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, HR or customer support, utilizing the Oktopost Inbox is a powerful way to connect with your audience and ensure every message drives an outcome– making you well-equipped to make sure those outcomes are overwhelmingly positive.

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