The rock star conundrum

Forty years ago, the royalty of rock spent the night in a studio to record one of the fastest-selling singles of all time. The documentary of the event is just okay, but it’s fascinating in how it shows us just how deep imposter syndrome lies.

Only a few stars seemed at all comfortable–Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. On the other hand, Waylon Jennings felt excluded and stormed out halfway through. Huey Lewis said his legs were shaking. Some notable stars were too afraid to come at all. And Bob Dylan, the same guy who won the Nobel Prize, seems profoundly insecure the entire time, and it’s only when Stevie and Quincy Jones give him some reassurance that he’s finally able to sing at all.

We’d like to believe that if we only had the adulation, market success, and fan support of superstars like these, then we’d finally be comfortable and able to do our best.

In fact, it seems the opposite is true. Imposter syndrome shows up because we are imposters, imposters acting ‘as if’ in search of making something better.

Perhaps the best plan is to show up and not walk out.

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