The Art of Mastering AI for Social Media Success with Etien Yanev

With a passion for AI, Etien Yanev walks us through all the ways businesses can leverage AI for a successful marketing strategy.

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Behind the Post, host Alina welcomes Etien Yanev, the Senior Social Media Manager at Payhawk and author of the book “Digital Marketing Compass” (currently only available in Bulgarian). With a solid marketing background, Etien shares all the expertise he’s picked up along the way.

From content to video creation, Etien dives into how AI can scale social media content, enhance social strategies, and help us as marketers better serve our audiences. He also reveals his favorite AI tools and best practices for achieving the best results.

As well as showing his passion for AI, Etien shines a light on the importance of using employees and executives as brand ambassadors, highlighting how it humanizes your brand and amplifies your reach.

Hot Topics:

Best practices for using AI to its full potential
His top AI tools for content creation
The significance of personal brands to build relationships with your audience

Meet Etien

Etien Yanev is a Senior Social Media Manager with over 12 years of marketing experience. As an AI enthusiast, his mission is to make AI accessible to all startup businesses and ensure they effectively understand how to utilize it to its full potential.

His book “Digital Marketing Compass” helps startups take their first steps in online marketing. Beyond his writing, he extends his expertise through teaching Digital Marketing at various universities and mentoring programs, both in Bulgaria and abroad.


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