On building a cathedral

If you’re in need of a gathering place, a dry, functional, centrally located facility for your folks to meet, a cathedral is probably way more than you need. It’s far more expensive to build and maintain and not optimal in delivering what’s required.

But what if this building needs to fill other functions as well?

Perhaps it’s a message to your membership about longevity, status and commitment.

Perhaps it’s a signal to the local government that you have real resources and are not to be trifled with.

And perhaps it is a beacon designed to attract people who haven’t yet heard about your work.

Or maybe it’s something we do simply because we can.

In our rush for serviceable, we race to the bottom.

The thing we’re working on is a rare chance to contribute something far more than the least we could get away with.

You can’t build a cathedral every day, and you can’t do it for cheap. But sometimes we get the chance to create something that really matters.

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