How to Create an Awesome “Ultimate Guide” for Your Blog Topic

Ultimate guides are everywhere online. You’ve probably read your fair share of them, too. But have you tried writing one? This type of blog post is a powerful tool that offers in-depth insights on a particular topic. They can help you build brand authority, rank for multiple keywords, and help with backlinks. If you’re brainstorming content for your blog, an ultimate guide is a great way to put all of your ideas together. Let’s dive into how you can create a compelling, informative, and valuable guide for your next blog post. 


Planning Your Ultimate Guide

Choosing the Perfect Topic

The perfect blog post topic is whatever you are an expert on. And while they may seem like unnecessary information, you need to know your topic inside and out to write a really awesome guide about it. You can still use freelancers to help write your blog, but you should provide an outline detailing essential points and information to include. Whatever topic you pick, it’s important to do keyword research and make sure that it has high search traffic. Additionally, pick out several keywords your blog could potentially rank for. 

Research and Content Gathering

Once you have your blog post idea and keywords, it’s time to gather information. Look for references, both from your industry and other industries and have fun playing detective. What is working? What is missing the mark? Could something be explained better or differently? Bring fresh ideas and stats into your post, and consider adding an expert chat to your page to intrigue readers. 

Structuring Your Guide

The blueprint for these particular blog posts is crucial. Lay out sections that flow well and add subheadings that pop. Think of titles as the hooks that keep viewers reading, coupled with content that captivates from the get-go. 


Building an Engaging Ultimate Guide

Writing for Your Target Audience

You don’t have to be a published author to write an awesome ultimate guide. Use short, clear sentences and avoid overly long paragraphs. As you write, keep in mind readers are on screens, so make it easy for someone to skim your blog and pick out the information they are looking for. 

Adding Visual Appeal

Break up your text with some eye-catching visuals. Whether you use graphs, screenshots, or basic images, this will make it easier for your readers to follow your guide – and it will keep them engaged! Make sure your visuals align with your brand’s style. 

Enhancing Readability and Accessibility

While you can ultimately get creative with how you format your ultimate guide, bullet points, numbered lists, and tables should be your go-to. They are a great way to keep someone captivated and break up the text in a way that makes it easy for someone to follow along.


Beyond the Basic Guide

Adding Unique Value

Give readers something they can’t find anywhere else—exclusive tips, data, and stories that you have uncovered. Consider including downloadables, like checklists, for added value. 

Promoting Your Guide

Your guide is no good if no one reads it. Here are some ways you can increase its visibility and make the most out of its content: 

Share it on all of your personal and professional social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). 
Share it in groups. LinkedIn and Facebook have groups specific to particular topics you can join and share your blog post. 
Email it out. If you have an email list, tell them about your new blog post. 
Repurpose it. If you turn your blog post into a presentation or short video, you can spread it across more people and platforms. 

Once you’ve pushed it out, encourage comments, questions, shares, and likes. Promotion is the key to maximizing your reach. 

Keeping Your Guide Updated

After your new blog post is out there, stay on top of trends and industry changes and update your guide regularly with new information so it retains value. A really awesome guide demands care and attention over time. 

Creating an ultimate guide takes work, but the payoff is worthwhile. For more tips or a custom content solution, contact us at Volume Nine

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