Meet the New Host: Alina Dallal

Alina Dallal reveals what’s in store for Behind the Post listeners in 2024.

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Episode Summary

Behind the Post is back and this time with a new host. Meet Alina Dallal, Oktopost’s Content Marketing Manager.  

In this episode, Alina introduces herself and reveals what you can expect this season. From building brand awareness and implementing effective employee advocacy programs to leveraging social intent data for informed decision-making, this season will cover it all. Additionally, this season will also explore techniques for engaging sales teams in social selling, how you can prove the ROI of social initiatives, and the impact of AI on marketing and how it can be used to a marketer’s advantage. 

Meet Alina

With a strong background in content marketing and a passion for B2B social media, Alina Dallal found herself drawn to her role at Oktopost. From writing content to producing podcasts, and hosting interesting live panel discussions, Alina manages all things content marketing. 

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