5 AI Sales Tools That Are Transforming How Revenue Teams Operate in 2024

We’re sure this isn’t news to you, but AI has become a game-changer in elevating how revenue teams operate. So much so, that it’s now essential to adopt AI to remain competitive.

From automating administrative tasks to helping you craft content for outreach and email sequences, AI tools can help you focus your time on where it matters most – selling.  

But, when it comes to investing in tools, you’ll want to allocate your budget to the platforms that fit your business needs and bring you the most value in return. 

Here are our picks for top AI sales tools that will help your team advance through your pipeline successfully and make this year your most successful yet.

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Top 5 AI Sales Tools 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Regie AI

Harness Oktopost’s AI Capabilities to Maximize Your Social Selling Results

Top 5 AI Sales Tools 

1. Clari

Clari is a revenue operation platform, helping sales teams to drive customers from leads to conversion.

The platform provides predictive insights, revenue forecasting, and pipeline analysis. Using AI, Clari analyzes your data to create a sales forecast so you gain visibility into your progress toward meeting your sales quota. The tool can also identify and predict which prospects are most likely to convert, helping you focus your time and resources on the strongest opportunities. 

Additionally, its integrated notetaker transcribes your sales calls, so you can focus on engaging your prospects and answering their questions without worrying about remembering key pieces of information. Using this notetaker, you can also identify areas for improvement and support to enhance training and professional development for your revenue team. 

2. Oktopost 

Made specifically for B2B organizations, Oktopost is a social media engagement suite that empowers not only marketing, but revenue teams as well. Our employee advocacy platform is ideal for organizations looking to start and expand their social selling strategies by providing sellers with the ability to create content that educates and builds valuable relationships with their audiences right at their fingertips.

When it comes to writing social selling content to post on social media, sales professionals simply don’t have the time to create and write all of it on their own.

But with an employee advocacy tool, social media marketing teams can step in and provide: content inspiration for them to publish on their personal networks.

However, for your content to be effective for social selling, each sales professional should share unique content that resonates with their audience using their own voice. This is difficult for social media teams to deliver at scale. 

That’s why we integrated AI into our advocacy platform so you can regenerate the posts written by your SMM to fit your personality and stand out as something no one else in your company is talking about. This way, your sellers are not posting repetitive, unoriginal content. Using our AI tools, you can save time from writing posts and ensure your content still relates to industry trends and your audience’s interests.LinkedIn Sales Navigator

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We couldn’t write a list of top AI sales tools without including LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With a strong presence of B2B buyers on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator has become a go-to tool for sales teams when it comes to prospecting. 

To help find quality leads at a faster rate, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has incorporated AI into its platform. Once you outline your ICP within the platform, its’ AI-assisted search feature will surface a list of leads that match your criteria. As well as this, you can also access all the information you need to know about an account from within the platform, rather than conducting an independent search. This means you can have relevant and productive conversations that engage your prospects and attract them to your offerings. 

4. Regie AI

Email sequences are one of the main tactics sales teams use to engage potential customers, nurture leads, and drive conversion. However, the creative process from research to writing doesn’t come without its difficulties. This is why revenue teams are leveraging Regie AI to craft personalized outreach email sequences. 

By researching your prospects for you, Regie AI takes relevant information to create custom email sequences and one-to-one emails on your behalf. The tool can also send out emails for you, giving you one less task to worry about. 

Overall, the tool can speed up the writing process, conduct prospect research for you, and help you put your ideas into words, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks. Exceed.ai

5. Exceed.ai

Manual tasks such as appointment scheduling, qualifying leads, and remembering which leads to prioritize are all time-consuming tasks. Exceed.ai, a sales assistant tool, is helping revenue teams buy back that time again. 

The chatbot converses with leads over email, website chat, and SMS, to streamline your workflow by automating appointment scheduling, qualifying leads, and helping you prioritize high-value opportunities. Using speech analysis, the tool categorizes leads by their interest levels, helping you focus on building relationships and closing more deals. 

Harness Oktopost’s AI Capabilities to Maximize Your Social Selling Results

All of the top AI tools we’ve mentioned are transforming the way revenue teams are building their pipelines and meeting their sales quotas. By harnessing AI technology, you can streamline your workflows, automate manual tasks, and ensure your data and team are always organized. The result is freeing up your time to help you focus your efforts on engaging with prospects and building relationships.

By combining the power of AI with a strong social selling strategy, you can amplify your brand awareness, trust, and credibility. With our employee advocacy program, your team can easily execute a strong strategy to impact your lead-generation efforts. As well as this, our AI-integrated tools simplify the process of content writing and help you craft content that is unique to you. 

This year is a new year full of prospects, opportunities, and new customers. If you’re interested in setting up an employee advocacy program to harness the power of social selling, contact us today.

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