New Study: Instagram Reels Outperform TikTok & Facebook Videos 

In a new study across thousands of global brands, Instagram Reels are running circles around all other types of video content on social media, including TikTok. 

Key Findings from the Study:

Reels are the top-performing content type on Instagram, delivering 6X the reach of IG Stories. 
Longer IG Reels (90 seconds +) generated more than double the video views compared to TikTok.
Facebook Live saw a surge in brand usage during Q4 2023, with 1.5 times more Facebook Live videos posted than in the previous quarters.
Longer FB Reels (90 seconds plus) are gaining more reach than shorter video lengths.

Instagram Reels: Worth The Effort 

The Study shows that Instagram Reels, especially those exceeding 90 seconds, are not just participating in the digital marketing race but leading it. These longer Reels garner more than double the views of similar content on TikTok. It’s a clear indicator: users are increasingly drawn to engaging, extended content on Instagram.

The Rise of Facebook Reels

Facebook is just a little behind in this trend. With a surge in Facebook Live content, it’s evident that audiences are seeking real-time, interactive experiences. Longer Facebook Reels are mirroring the success seen on Instagram, offering a fresh avenue for reach and engagement.

A New Strategy for Marketers

For us as digital marketers, these insights signal a need to recalibrate our approach. Engagement is critical, and longer video formats are emerging as the champions of audience interaction. While many brands remain focused on Stories, the rising impact of Reels presents an untapped opportunity for enhanced reach and engagement.

Balancing Stories and Reels

The key is not to choose between Stories and Reels but to harness the unique strengths of each. Stories offer quick, temporary engagement, while Reels provide a platform for more detailed storytelling and deeper audience connection.

Key Takeayws 

Instagram Reels represent a massive opportunity for your social media strategy this year. They offer a powerful medium for brands to connect with their audience more meaningfully and engagingly. Integrating longer Reels into your content strategies will be crucial in 2024.

Here’s a link to the Study for more details: 

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