TikTok & Instagram Reel Video Ideas for Brands

The TikTok invasion isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it continues to be one of the fastest-growing social media platforms around. Additionally, these types of videos have quickly made their way to Instagram via Instagram Reels. This is why brands are incorporating these videos into their marketing strategy to expand their reach and increase engagement.puppy

If you are looking to get started with TikTok videos or Instagram Reels for your business, here’s some ideas of where you can start! 

  1.     Get Involved in Trending Challenges

TikTok has become synonymous with viral challenges. Challenges are a unique way to get your followers to create user-generated content that aligns with your brand standards and that you can share on your platforms. These can include dance and musical faceoffs to simple or off-the-wall activities – really anything that can be easily replicated and engaging enough for audiences to participate. 

  1.     Helpful Tips 

Posting simple timesaving tips and lifehacks of your product will have users coming back for more. The more practical and easier to incorporate, the more trust and rapport you build with your followers. Brands can entertain and educate if they are authentic and bring some personality to capture the attention and engagement of users. 

  1.     Go Behind-the-Scenes 

Everyone likes to get the inside scoop. Give a behind-the-scenes tour of your brand, the people who work there, or tell the story of how the business got started. This can be inspiring to many followers and brings a human touch and connection to your content. TikTok & Instagram have made video creation easy, so you no longer need a large video or production crew to get your content viewed and shared.  

  1.     Partner With an Influencer 

Whether you love them or hate them, influencers are thriving, especially on TikTok on Instagram. Look beyond influencers’ follower numbers to ensure that they represent the image and values that align with your brand. Brands should select influencers with an engaged audience and who have worked with similar brands or products. It’s essential to be strategic in your selection and to set clear expectations for posting since users will remember what you share. 

  1.     Take a Stand 

Social Media platforms have become important for social and political issues. Brands are going beyond using social to educate and inform their audience, but also asking for a call to action. Incorporating trending hashtags on cultural issues such as #BlackLivesMatter and #Pride can elevate the algorithm, allowing educational content to be seen by millions. 

  1.     Make a Tutorial 

Who has time to watch a lengthy video? The truth is users want their information quickly and in small digestible form. More users are turning to TikTok and Instagram as places to discover how-to and informative videos. These videos go beyond standard step-by-step instructions and feature fun music, effects, and visuals that appeal to your audience.

  1.     Cover News in Your Industry 

If your target audience is younger (ages 16-30) and you want to keep them informed of happenings in your industry, TikTok n& IG are excellent platforms. By creating industry-relevant content and sharing related stories, you can become a reliable hub for users who will return again and again to receive the most up-to-date industry news. More importantly, you will create brand recognition and get in front of a new generation of consumers you weren’t reaching before. 

  1.     Run a Contest 

Everyone wants the chance to win something for free. The better the prize, the more enticing it is for users to spread the word organically. Keep the contest simple and accessible. Make sure it relates to brand standards and is authentic. If not, the followers that you do gain will quickly disappear after the contest is over. Before running any contest, ensure to follow all platform rules and guidelines to maximize engagement and performance. 

  1.     Try Something New

If there ever was a platform to try something wild and out of the box, it’s TikTok & IG Reels. It’s all about experimenting with trends, visuals, and effects to see what users respond to. Businesses and brands that thrive the most on TikTok are the ones that post videos that are light-hearted, funny, and don’t take themselves too seriously. For creative inspiration, check out what similar or competing brands are doing to see how you can get creative with your content to set you apart. 

  1. Interact With Your Audience

TikTok & Reels are an opportunity to connect and interact with your audience as people rather than as a business. Users aren’t looking to watch objects; they want to see the people and faces that make up the brand. The more you create and share videos, and as your followers grow, the more they will interact with you. They may recreate your videos, use your products in their videos, and record responses to your videos. These are exciting ways to engage with your audience and keep sharing your content with them. 

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