3 Kinds of Advertising to Bring New Customers to Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Your Unique Selling Proposition will quickly turn prospects into clients when you use these online advertising strategies.

To promote your physical therapy practice, you need to harness the most efficient modern tools to propagate word-of-mouth referrals. Referrals consistently hold first place for attracting new clients to your clinic. For prospects to trust your expertise, they must see you as empathetic to their specific needs. Your patients must recognize your practice as a local leader, combining insight with unique treatment packages that offer them better results than your competitors. 

But to increase your traffic and build your business, you need to do more.

Steps for Building Referral Advertising

Steps for Building Referral Advertising

Your first step to building strong customer referrals is to develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that clearly defines the specific benefits and outcomes your clinic provides. This can be as concise as a tagline that highlights your clinic as a long-standing part of the community, or one that informs your audience that 55% of local physicians refer their patients to your practice. You might create blurbs from national publications that featured your work with student athletes, or let them know about your affordable treatment bundles.

It isn’t enough to highlight your free, one-on-one consultations, with so many of your competitors doing the same. To help the greatest number of prospects understand your company ethos and the specific pain and injury-related conditions you excel at resolving, you need to reach out to your target market via the internet.

Your online ad strategy should include the following three elements, which can be implemented in the same ways you build relationships with new clients:

  • Online Advertising. Your online introduction, including:

o   Search engine profiles and ads

o   Banner ads, affiliate programs, and guest posts on websites

o   Social network posts and ads

  • Native Advertising. Similar to a consultation, using ads designed to blend with content:

o   Articles

o   Images

o   Videos  

  • Email Newsletters. The ongoing conversation that allows you to add continued value by answering questions and keeping customers informed.


Greet Customers at the Door with Your Search Engine Profile

Greet Customers at the Door with Your Search Engine Profile

With the majority of inquiries about products and services taking place on the internet, you should be ready to meet customers the moment they enter “back pain that shoots down the right leg”, into the search engine query box. Google is the number one search engine worldwide, and it has some quick and easy tools to help you maintain online visibility, beginning with your Google My Business profile.

This feature lets you share your company’s name, address, contact information, a short description, customer reviews, photos, and even posts, all of which customers will see when they conduct a preliminary search for local providers. One of the biggest benefits of GMB is that it can provide you with free leads.


Invite Visitors in with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Invite Visitors in with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Once you’re on the map, you need to research the keywords, phrases and questions that customers use in their searches. You can do this by conducting your own search. You cannot simply rely on general terms like “Physical Therapy” or “Chiropractic” alone. You need to tailor key terms to fit your services, creating online ads that are specific to your potential customers’ concerns.

Your Google Ads will appear on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), displayed as sponsored snippets, which include a headline, description, and a link to your landing page. Make sure all your landing pages are filled with content that is specific to the keywords and primary concerns mentioned in your ads. Sending prospects to your general homepage where they need to search further for information and links could cause them to abandon your site and search elsewhere.

Google Ads is trusted for providing detailed data that will help you track:

  • Impressions – the number of times your ad displays on a user’s screen
  • Click-Through Rate – the number of times users click on your ad
  • Conversion Rate – the number of times users follow the Call to Action (CTA) in your ad


Build Credibility with Guest Posts and Affiliate Marketing

If you already work closely with a vendor of knee sleeves or a pharmacy that provides medications for your clients, consider sharing guest content for their websites and blogs, and having them provide content for yours. This will increase the visibility and credibility of both businesses, and the various links between online media will get the attention of search engines. The more you collaborate with trusted sources, the more traffic will be sent your way.


Help Users Get to Know You with Social Media Marketing

Help Users Get to Know You with Social Media Marketing

The power of referral marketing on social media platforms is unparalleled. Social networks’ search functions are not as powerful as Google’s. However, the speed at which users share information and posts about their favorite (and not-so-favorite) service providers makes social media a highly efficient tool for building trust within your niche.

With a business profile on several social networks, you can get conversational, providing a more personal touch with question-and-answer posts, testimonials, pictures of your facility, or videos showcasing your knowledge.

Popular social platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

These platforms let you create ads that run in the news feeds of your specified target audiences. Some allow you to further enhance your experience as a business owner with tools like FaceBook Business Manager, which helps you organize leads in one place, manage multiple business pages, post ads, and review ad performance and analytics.


Create Repeat Visitors with YouTube

Create Repeat Visitors with YouTube

Social media is all about being social. Businesses generate more leads if they add value to consumers in ways that are personable, relatable, and humorous. In essence, your ads should provide “infotainment”. A social media marketing master knows how to hold the attention of an audience and prompt users to take action.  

Physical Therapists who harness the power of YouTube bring personality to their practices that traditional advertising cannot, with the added benefit of having the world’s second largest search engine at their disposal. You probably won’t use the platform to give away your trade secrets, but you can certainly use it to share interviews with loyal patients whose lives were transformed by your services.


Keep your Branded Content Relatable with Native Advertising

Keep your Branded Content Relatable with Native Advertising

Even though your potential clients are consuming online content to answer questions and locate services, most people take offense at a hard sell. It is helpful to structure your advertising so that it blends in with content on partner and affiliate blogs, or your own blog or website. Use embedded images, commentary, and videos that relate to the main idea, but also point back to you. Just be sure to include a label such as “Featured Post”, “Sponsored”, or “Suggested Content,” so that customers are aware that your intention is to advertise.

Be Your Patients’ #1 with Email Newsletters

Be Your Patients’ #1 with Email Newsletters

The patient you treated for a neck injury may not call for an appointment the first time you send them a monthly newsletter, and they may not even open your email. However, you are establishing a place in their memory bank every time they see your clinic’s name in their inbox. One day, when the patient’s neck is aching after a long day at work, they may open one of your newsletters, see your two-paragraph brief about your sought-after massage therapies and decide to call your office.

Your consistency in sending monthly publications and loading them with specialized information that adds value for potential clients will eventually pay off with the ultimate reward of increased patient traffic


Make the System Self-Generating with Testimonials

Self-Generating with Testimonials

Your rewards will increase when you make a habit of gathering testimonials from satisfied customers, sharing them through your advertising channels, and having the patients themselves share with their social networks. Word-of-mouth advertising is critical, and today’s mouthpiece is social media.

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